Dixon… State Representative Tom Demmer (R-Dixon) wishes to again bring a piece of the 90th District to Springfield by hosting a photo contest. Participants will be asked to submit a photo that best represents the rich history of the 90th District, in celebration of the inauguration of the 100th General Assembly. The winning photo will be displayed in both of Rep. Demmer’s Springfield and Rochelle offices.

“We live in a unique part of Illinois,” said Rep. Demmer. “This contest will allow people to showcase the rich history of our area to others from around the State. I will be displaying the winners of the contest in both my Springfield and Rochelle offices.”
Springfield… State Representative Tom Demmer (R-Dixon) released the following statement in response to the passage of Senate Bill 2814 in the House this evening. This bill would keep provide reliability and consistency with the State’s policy on nuclear energy- including keeping nuclear generation plants open at Clinton & Quad-Cities.

“I voted ‘Yes” because I support nuclear power as a clean and viable energy source.  I know first-hand the value of both nuclear energy and nuclear energy jobs with the Byron Nuclear plant in my legislative district.  Nuclear energy generation creates hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars of revenue for both the State and local communities where those jobs are located,” said Demmer.

“If these two nuclear power plants were to close, Illinois ratepayers would be paying higher rates and receiving less reliable power in return.  This bills was negotiated with a variety of stakeholders and provides reliability and consistency for the next decade,” continued Demmer.

SB 2814 passed the Illinois House on a vote of 63-38.

Chicago – Transform Illinois, a statewide collaborative of elected officials and civic and research organizations dedicated to supporting more efficient local governments, is pleased to announced its second annual Transformer Awards, which recognize State, Local and Citizen Transformers whose efforts exemplify the coalition’s mission. The 2016 Transformers received their awards at a public event on Oct. 5 at the Metropolitan Planning Council in Chicago.
The 2016 State Transformers are Sen. Tom Cullerton (D-Villa Park) and Rep. Tom Demmer (R-Dixon), who both championed local government efficiency by sponsoring several significant pieces of legislation in 2016.

Dixon… Legislation passed by State Representative Tom Demmer (R-Dixon) to extend the process by which wind energy devices are assessed for property taxes, providing stability for both the industry and local taxing districts was signed into law by Governor Rauner on Tuesday.

“I am glad to deliver a stable, predictable method that both local government and wind energy developers can use for the next five years,” said Rep. Demmer.  “This helps communities and businesses plan for the future. That is good for taxpayers and good for wind energy employees.”
Prior to the Governor’s enactment of Rep. Demmer’s legislation, the assessment process for wind energy devices was scheduled to sunset in tax year 2016.  Under the terms of the legislation, the assessment process will be extended five years, until 2021.

Wendy Ryerson, Chief County Assessment Officer for Lee County and past president of the Illinois Chief County Assessment Officers Association, reacted the passage of SB 2612 in May by stating, “the continuation of the state-wide assessment standard provided by SB 2612 offers stability for taxing districts and wind project owners, and gives assessment officials a proven methodology to follow.  It is a win-win for everyone.”

Rep. Demmer’s legislation was supported by the Illinois County Assessment Officers Association, the Fair Assessment Information Resources Committee, and the Illinois Farm Bureau.

Rep. Demmer can be contacted at his district office located at 1221 Currency Court, Rochelle, IL 61068 or by calling the office at (815) 561-3690.


SPRINGFIELD – State Representative Tom Demmer (R-Dixon) joined Governor Bruce Rauner in applauding the launch of the Illinois Fairgrounds Foundation on Agricultural Day at the Illinois State Fair.  Their mission will be to assist capital improvements at the Springfield and DuQuoin fairgrounds. 

“The State Fair experience, especially youth involved in agriculture, is one that should continue for years to come.  This effort is to be applauded and encouraged throughout Illinois,” said Rep. Demmer.  “In my own district, I have seen how well a Foundation can support the efforts of a state program at the Franklin Creek State Park.  Their foundation has helped in a big way to continue some capital improvements and even support in operations during tumultuous times with state funding.  This is a model that should be encouraged, expanded, and provides real opportunity for growth.”

Dixon… Representative Tom Demmer (R-Dixon) will be holding his annual Senior Citizens' Health Fair will be on September 16, from 10:00am until Noon, at the Lee County Council on Aging-Post House Ballroom, located at 100 West Second Street in Dixon. The fair is free and open to the public.

Representative Demmer stated, “I always enjoy meeting with constituents to discuss the services that state and local agencies provide. The Senior Citizens' Health Fair will feature non-profit organizations and businesses in the area who offer services that help to improve the lives of seniors.”

All attendees will be encouraged to sign in for a chance to win a door prize and also help themselves to free refreshments as they peruse the fair.

Rep. Demmer can be contacted at his district office located at 1221 Currency Court, Rochelle, IL 61068 or by calling the office at (815) 561-3690.


Dixon… State Representative Tom Demmer (R-Dixon) was appointed on Wednesday to the pivotal bipartisan, bicameral Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR) for the General Assembly.  Leader Jim Durkin (R-Western Springs) named Rep. Tom Demmer to the Committee as one of three appointees from the House Republican Caucus.

“Tom Demmer stood out as a thoughtful, hard-working and intelligent candidate for this appointment to represent our caucus in deep policy discussions to ensure legislative intent is represented in the administration of state programs,” said House Republican Leader Jim Durkin. “I am proud to appoint Rep. Demmer and have him serve as a voice for our caucus in one of the most important of legislative procedures.”

The Joint Committee on Administrative Rules has three equal appointees from each of the four bipartisan, bicameral caucuses in the Illinois General Assembly.  Whenever a bill has been passed that a state agency is charged with administering, a set of administrative rules is proposed by the Executive Branch agency on how to administer each state program.  Those Executive Branch rules must first be approved by the Legislative Branch’s Joint Committee on Administrative Rules to ensure legislative intent is adhered to by the Executive Branch in administering state programs.  Thereby, JCAR serves as the critical check and balance between branches to ensure legislative intent is represented by the Executive Branch in administering state government operations.

Rep. Demmer accepted the appointment and thanked Leader Durkin, "I am grateful for this opportunity to serve.  This committee serves an important role for the State legislature to play in carrying out State policy. I will work closely with my colleagues to ensure citizens of Illinois receive the best possible service." 

Rep. Demmer can be contacted at his district office located at 1221 Currency Court, Rochelle, IL 61068 or by calling the office at (815) 561-3690.