Springfield… State Representative Tom Demmer (R-Dixon) has filed legislation that would give entrepreneurs and startup founders a kick-start into the market. House Bill 3091 allows the use of intrastate crowdfunding, a new investing concept that is capable of generating greater access to capital, allowing for entrepreneurs with ideas to make them into reality.

“Crowdfunding will be the way of the future and is the next step in evolution for startups and small businesses,” said Rep. Demmer. “There are a lot of entrepreneurs out there who have great ideas to start a business, but have no capital. This bill will give those people the opportunity to bring new and innovative business ideas to Illinois.”

The legislation creates an exemption from certain filing and registration requirements under the Act for intrastate securities offerings that meet certain conditions.

“We have to be competitive with surrounding states,” said Rep. Demmer. “Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan have already enacted this legislation, while Missouri and Kentucky currently have bills drafted. We have the to opportunity join these states to spur innovation, economic activity, and small-business job creation.”

House Bill 3091 has been filed and is currently waiting to be assigned to a committee. For more information, you can visit the ilga.gov website.

Rep. Demmer can be contacted at his district office located at 1221 Currency Court, Rochelle, IL 61068 or by calling the office at (815) 561-3690.

State Representative Tom Demmer will be hosting a coffee talk on Saturday, February 28th at the Waterman Community Center. Coffee will be provided as the Representative will discuss legislative issues and  field questions constituents may have. Discussions will begin at 8:00 am and end at 9:00 am. No registration is needed. Guests may contact Rep. Demmer's office with questions or may click on the link below for the flyer and more information. 

Springfield… Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner spoke to Illinois legislators during his first ever State of the State address. State Representative Tom Demmer (R-Dixon) responded to address by releasing the following statement…

“Governor Rauner is looking to meet our challenges head on. He gave an honest assessment of our State’s financial situation, perhaps the first in over a decade. We have to find ways to create jobs, improve our economy, and fund education properly.

“I applaud his call to hire additional prison guards. This has become a statewide issue and affects people in my district that work at the Dixon Correctional Center. His plan aims at finding ways to keep our prison guards and communities’ safe, I support that.

“I presume his budget speech two weeks from today will be filled with more details. Until then, I believe he gave us the tools to  commence the plan to turn Illinois around.”

Dixon… State Representative Tom Demmer (R-Dixon) was appointed to several key committees as the new legislative session begins. Rep. Demmer will serve on committees that are especially important to constituents in his district, including those overseeing healthcare, education, and agriculture.

“I'm looking forward to working on key legislative topics in healthcare, education, and agriculture,” said Rep. Demmer. “I know these topics are of particular importance to people in my district and serving on these committees will be an opportunity to directly influence key legislation."

In all, Rep. Demmer will serve on the following eight committees; Agriculture and Conservation, Higher Education, Human Services, Elementary & Secondary Education - Charter Schools, Health & Healthcare Disparities, and Youth & Young Adults, in addition to the Appropriations committees for both Human Services and Elementary & Secondary Education.

“We are facing a $6 billion dollar hole in the budget for FY15. Appropriations for the two committees I will be serving will bring some unique challenges, but we will work to make sure funding is a priority for these areas, especially education,” added Rep. Demmer.

Constituents can find more information on committee assignments by visiting the State website (ilga.gov). The website also provides a full calendar for this year’s spring session and committee schedule.    

Rep. Demmer can be contacted at his district office located at 1221 Currency Court, Rochelle, IL 61068 or by calling the office at (815) 561-3690.

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