“A trailblazer in Illinois for so many years, Judy Baar Topinka was a true servant to the state. Her dedication and independent ability to always speak her mind will be greatly missed, as she set a high standard for anyone entering public service in Illinois.” - State Representative Tom Demmer
State Representative Tom Demmer discussed the minimum wage issue with News Talk Radio Station WROK, and the latest statewide narrative on when and if the issue could be heard in Springfield.

Dixon…Together with KSB Hospital, State Representative Tom Demmer will host a free diabetes screening for the public from 7 to 9AM on Friday, November 14. The event will be held at the KSB Center for Diabetes Management, Commerce Towers, Suite 121, at 215 E. First Street, in Dixon. People wishing to be tested at this event are advised to fast for two hours prior to their screening, as a finger-stick blood glucose test will be used.

Nearly 800,000 Illinoisans have diabetes. Of that number, 500,000 of those are unaware of their condition.

Representative Demmer stated, “Diabetes continues to be one of the fastest growing diseases worldwide, affecting Americans of every gender, race and ethnicity.  KSB is once again kindly hosting this event in a continuing effort to remain dedicated to providing health education and awareness to our community.  Preventative health screenings such as this can help save lives and I encourage my constituents to join us November 14th.”

Yearly, $7.3 billion is spent on both direct and indirect costs associated with the care of diabetes in Illinois, which accounts for more than 10% of all health care spending. The earlier treatment begins, the easier it is to prevent the dreadful, costly and sometimes fatal side effects of diabetes.
Dixon…State Representative Tom Demmer has announced he will be hosting a Senior Citizens' Health Fair on September 12, from 9AM to 11AM,at the Lee County Council on Aging-Post House Ballroom, located at 100 West Second Street in Dixon. The fair is free and open to the public.

Representative Demmer stated, “I always enjoy meeting with constituents to discuss the services that state and local agencies provide. Earlier this summer we held an Identity Theft seminar which was very well received. At the event members of the local police department and staff from the Attorney General's Office discussed ways to protect personal information and how to avoid becoming a victim of fraud. In further service to the community, the Senior Citizens' Health Fair will feature non-profit organizations and businesses in the area who offer services that help to improve the lives of seniors.”

All attendees will be encouraged to sign in for a chance to win a door prize and also help themselves to free refreshments as they peruse the fair.
Springfield… State Representative Tom Demmer (R-Dixon) today announced that his bill that adds transparency and accountability in local government has been signed into law. The bill passed unanimously through the House and Senate earlier this year and was signed in to law as Public Act 98-0738.

In response to the $54 million embezzlement scandal in Dixon, the new law requires that within 60 days from the close of an audit of a local government’s funds and accounts, the auditor shall provide a copy of any financial statements to each member of the city council or county board, and present the information to the council or board in a public meeting. Also, if an audited local government maintains a website, the city council or county board shall post the information contained in the financial statements from the audit.

Rep. Demmer stated, “This is an important law that will see local government audits receive the attention they require so that councils fully understand their liabilities. Audits are annually prepared as mandated by law, yet they can be shelved away too quickly. This new law will see that those audits are available for public view, and presented in a more effective way. The city of Dixon had significant issues with audits that were not fully heard and understood, and this law will ensure that a local government audit is executed in a way that fully protects vital city funds.”
Gary Gehlbach of Dixon testified with State Representative Tom Demmer before the House Judiciary Committee on April 30 concerning a bill Gehlbach had suggested. Senate Bill 2985 requires a person executing a small estate affidavit to list and classify the debts of the decedent. The bill also requires all valid claims against the decedent's estate to be paid before any distribution is made to any heir or person receiving any portion of the estate. Passed by a unanimous vote of the Committee members, Senate Bill 2985 now moves to the House Floor for further consideration.